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Native Terminal Access to Nodes, VMs and CTs

ProxMobo extends its functionality with terminal access, enabling you to interact with your Proxmox VE Nodes, VMs and Containers (CTs) through a native terminal emulator. This powerful feature brings the convenience of command-line management to your iOS device.

Prerequisites and Setup

  • Nodes and CTs: Terminal access for Proxmox VE Nodes and CTs is available immediately and does not require additional setup.
  • VMs: To use terminal access with Virtual Machines (VMs), a serial interface must be configured on the VM. This setup aligns with Proxmox VE's standard practices for enabling a serial console.

Enabling Terminal Access for VMs

To prepare your VMs for terminal access through ProxMobo:

  • Serial Interface Configuration: Consult the Proxmox VE Serial Terminal guide and configure the serial interface on each VM that requires terminal access.
  • Connect via ProxMobo: With the serial interface set up, you can connect to your VMs using the terminal feature in ProxMobo by selecting the desired VM and tapping the terminal icon.
  • Verify Functionality: We recommend leveraging the 7 Day Free Trial to verify the functionality and ensure the terminal access operates smoothly within your environment.

With ProxMobo, you have the flexibility to directly manage your Proxmox VE resources on the go, whether it's through immediate access for Nodes and CTs or configured access for VMs.